Sea and Sand 2


Mandala 2017 – Original painting on woo
Wooden frame : 19.09 x 19.09 inches : Frame width included 1.96 inches.



Designs are inspired from Indian Culture. The heart of the circle is bedecked with a crystal (our hearts) and opens to the shape of a twenty-four petals lotus. In Hinduism, the lotus flower meaning is associated with spirituality, beauty, love, openness and eternity. The dominant bleu color embodies the ocean, and the warm yellow and brown colors embody the sand. In a nutshell, this artwork represent the concept of opening our heart to the others and to the world.

Its story

After coming back from India for a Yoga Teacher Training program, I found myself back home in Brittany, next to the ocean, and my eye about the beauty of the region became wider. Therefore, this work is a tribute to the Briton beautiful coasts and to a harmonious life with the sea.

Additional information

Weight 1.27 kg
Dimensions 48.5 × 48.5 cm


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