Many possibilities 2


Mandala 2015 – Original painting on wood
Wooden frame – 11.37 Lbs – 36.614 x 36.614 inches – Frame width included: 1.574 inches



Its Story

The initial idea was to treat the circle  in a circle  inscribed in a circle with a Center. I can easily  imagine you telling me that it is “not very original” but I wanted to represent the fact that everything has a Center and that the connections and opportunities are always multiple, especially when love dwells in/on us! (See the little hearts that separate connections).

This painting is painted on paper then apposed on wood. One day a friend who was spending some excellent time with his wife at home in Brittany (Paul and Bingo) saw it laying somewhere in the basement and told me “ hey I love this one!, can you paint it again?” I told Paul that I was quite simply unable to paint it again. So I affixed the painting on the wood  medium  framed it and  thanked Paul very much for having reminded me of this old forgotten piece !

Additional information

Weight 5.16 kg
Dimensions 93 × 93 cm
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