Lys in the sky 2


Mandala 2015 – Original painting on wood
Wooden frame – 6.65 Lbs – 24.803 x 24.803 inches – Frame width included: 1.574 inches



Two lilies are blossoming on the background of a blue sky embedded with small crystals like diamonds. This deep and simple painting tempts to relaxation and joy.

Its Story

Again, I wanted to paint joy and well being for those who will look at or even steal a glance at this painting. In my perception a painting becomes interactive when it creates feelings in those who watch it. By injecting ideas such as happiness and well being in my painting, I know that those watching it will feel the same or at least something similar. Everyone has his/her own way to distribute joy. When I am daydreaming and let my mind wander this is what I see and feel.

Additional information

Weight 3.02 kg
Dimensions 63 × 63 cm
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