Lotus 2


Mandala 2012 – Original painting on wood
Wooden frame – 3.95 Lbs – 7.322 x 24.015 inches – Frame width included: 2.755 inches.



Eight lotus are connected to each other. A short poetry in French words circles the Mandala : « Autant des notes composent une musique, des sourires composent une vie. » As notes make up a music, smiles make up life. Simplicity is the major message.

Its Story

I intended to realize a lotus. This is what came.I chose colors in functions of their meanings annotated at the Chakra System.
Purple: Divinity essence pure connection fusion, Indigo: intuition, Red: consciousness physics anchor. To complete the Mandala I have circled it with words by creating a concept that I call Cycloetry. The words inscribed around the circle reinforce the ideas expressed by the colors and forms. Adding words around colors and forms could be seen as a form of mantra prayer. Here the lotus is openings to a new world of perceptions including “smile” which is the result and smiling is essential. I intended to create a music analogy stating simply that to get a music we need a succession of notes and that to obtain a successful life, one must be smiling a lot despite the ups and downs. The “smile” effect improves our inner state and if it goes well inside, we smile, and furthermore the others will do as well. Psychosomatic effect and mirror effects are combined.

Additional information

Weight 1.795 kg
Dimensions 44 × 61.5 cm


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