Fly away Butterflies 2


Mandala 2015 – Original painting on wood
Wooden frame – 4.51 Lbs – 22,440 x 22.440 inches – Frame width included: 1.574 inches



Sixteen butterflies seem to fly away from the painting. The various colors reminds of the spring. The painting’s coolness will brighten up your mood.

Its Story

I wanted to treat the theme of the butterfly because on the one hand I like the metamorphic character of the insect and on the other hand it symbolizes the universal energy. Note here that the Greek term “ psyche” (Psyché in French) means a soul or a spirit but also a type of butterfly.

I started by the centre then the butterflies arrived as if by magic. They seem to want to escape from this framework which seems to be a too skimpy environment to them.

Additional information

Weight 2.05 kg
Dimensions 57.5 × 57.5 cm


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