Fleur-Musique 2


Mandala 2013 – Original painting on wood
Wooden frame – 4.210 Lbs – 22.653 x 26.771 inches – Frame width included: 1.574 inches



Mandala embedded with fish-shaped beads. A short poetry with French words encircles the Mandala : « Au cœur d’une fleur-musique je me suis rêvée, confortable et sereine, rien que pour un instant harmonieux. » “I have imagined myself in the core of a flower-music. I felt comfortable and serene just for a harmonious moment.”

Its Story

This Mandala is one of my first creations and is the discovery of my medium. I wanted to combine shapes in a circle without any particular idea. As I went I wanted to decorate with pretty things such as Indian beads in the shape of fish. The idea of well-being is still present because painting is for me a way to relax, a moment of fullness in which my thoughts focus solely on such topics as colors, combinations, shapes, the precision of my brush, the surprise of the outcome without having any specific idea base. A short poetry circles the Mandala : it’s a Cycloetry.

Additional information

Weight 1.91 kg
Dimensions 55.5 × 68.5 cm
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