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Compass Rose 01 2

Mandala 2013 – Original painting on wood
Wooden frame: 30.315 x 30.315 inches – Frame width included: 1.574 inches



This painting is orange color oriented to remind of the spring and its rebirth and feminity as well. Dragonfly is the major theme. They are all connected to each other. A saying circles the mandala. The famous Chuang Tzu dream is revisited by the author : “Am I a woman dreaming that I am a dragonfly Or am I a dragon fly dreaming that I am a woman?”.

It’s story

I’ve got a dear friend who loves dragonflies. These splendid-looking creatures flutter around ponds in pair at spring time. I intended to create the visual idea of the connection between living beings. Moreover, the orange color is dominating as it is my friend’s favorite color. This Cycloetry is encircled with a well known chiasmus about rebirth and feminity.

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 70 cm
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